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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 31, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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around 3 miles an hour eat north easterly in oakland. i want to switch over to the temperatures. this is the headliner this morning. low 30s. napa sitting right below freezing. right now northbound 101 traffic moves welcoming up to the 80 split. san francisco no major problems on the morning commute. we are off to a pretty good start as you look at a live picture on highway 24. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal topping our news this morning san francisco police are looking for a motive in a double homicide at fisherman's wharf. jade hernandez is live. >> reporter: there is no permanent signs ending the name of the sign where it happened. we can show you what this place
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looked like last night. police swarmed the building when they investigated a double shooting. the small store is located at 269 jefferson street. two store employees a man and woman were shot dead. san francisco arrested one man in connection with the shooting. the police spokesman we spoke to could not give details on how the man was apprehended. the spokesman did tell us police are not looking for any other suspects. the double homicide is uncommon for this part of the city. >> this is a tourist area. i do not know what it was like before the shooting. it is a popular area. my understanding is it was contained pretty quickly. there is no other people in danger at the time. >> reporter: we mentioned earlier the souvenir shop is in the heart of fisherman's wharf. on the other side of this souvenir shop is joe's crab shack. the motive is unclear in this
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deadly double shooting. police have made one arrest in this homicide investigation. police did not believe the store behind me would be open today. reporting live jade hernandez. there was more shaking in thest bay last night opinion earthquake measuring 3.0 hit at 12:30 this morning. it was set outside of concord. the quake did not cause any damage. the early morning shaker followed a swarm of quakes in contra costa county. they rattled the area from 3 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon. julia cardenas believes her son is still alive. she is asking everyone to keep an eye out for the suspect jose
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esteban rodriguez. >> we don't know where jose is. only god knows. my butt tells me my son is still a-- my gut tells me my son is still alive. i need help. >> when rodriguez's car was pulled in the canal the windows were open. they believe their bodies are in the 90 long canal and focusing their search effort there is. we have been coring the cover -- we have been covering the story since he disappear. today the u.s. state department is sending charter flights into egypt to evacuate americans that want to leave because of the arrest. this is the seventh day that protestors are taking to the
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street calling for mubarak to step down. americans that want to leave will be taken to safe haven locations in europe. we will have live from our washington, d.c. bureau. tonight governor jerry brown lays out his plan for fixing california's budget problem in the state of the state address. we are hearing the governor will try to convince californians to go along with his plan to expand expiring income car or sales taxes. he won't try to scare people in supporting his plan with worst case scenarios. >> i would like to hear the worst case shy gnar owe. >> they are willing to support the expiring taxes. even it's guaranteed the money will go to things like education. you can watch his speech tonight on ktvu. it will be part of the ktvu
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channel 2 news at 5:00. ktvu channel 2 reporter allie rasmus is live with the programs that could be saved. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. cal baseball team started their practice on friday and it could be the last season that uc berkeley has a baseball team. we are expected to find out if cal baseball, mens, and womens and lacrosse will continue to exist on campus. the situation depends on private fundraising. they would eliminate the sports teams and said the move would save the university $4 million a year. last fall cal baseball started a fundraising campaign to save all three sports. >> they are going to go with a significant amount of money to the chains already to show him
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in hopes of good faith demonstrating that we are moving the needle in the direction of the numbers that it will take to get reinstatement into the athletic department. >> reporter: now alumni have been fundraising through a website they set up called savecalsports. they have raised more than $16 million. a university spokesman said yesterday that the group needs commitments for $25 million to be reinstated. >> along with that they have to possess a feasible viable plan to raise additional funds that would create an endowment to support these teams estimating cost. >> reporter: once again we are expecting the university to make a decision today whether or not to reinstate cal's baseball, lacrosse, and mens and womens gymnastics team. the university made the call to demote that team last year from a university to a club sport.
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it will still exist on campus. we will continue to follow this story. live in berkeley allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. >> a lot of people care about that story. we will be watching that all morning. sal is watching the commute. how does it look so far? >> it looks pretty good so far. if you will be leaving the house any time soon it should be a nice drive for you. as we look add interstate 80 which is one of the earliest freeways to get slow. it doesn't look too bad. the road work that we had very little of it but we did have some has been picked up. this mornings commute on 280 in san jose is off to a nice start. northbound 280 traffic looks good. so does 101 coming out of the gilroy area. here is rosemary. >> yes, with clearing skies
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somewhere cold, cold temps. sitting in the mid 30s. santa rosa at 30. areas around napa reaching our dew point. we have fog down to half a mile visibility there. 39 in concord. reporting a little bit of fog. oakland and san francisco. 41 in redwood city. 10 and 15 degrees chillier than yesterday. yesterday we had the rain clouds hanging overhead. there is that system off to the east now and we are with mostly clear skies. we do have a ridge building in fairly quickly. by tomorrow it will strengthen so much so we are looking at gusty conditions once again as the offshore flow moves through. we will talk about when we expect that to occur. for the afternoon today. 59 atman pa. 58 expected in oakland. a nice day in san francisco pap little bit of haze out there for the afternoon. nine o'clock in hayward as we -- 59 in hayward. as we move south we are looking
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at 60. 60 in san jose. 61 in morgan hill. 60-degrees in fremont. your five-day forecast looks nice. it's dry. we are look at another week of dry weather. temperatures will be climbing above average. by tomorrow roughly sunny skies wednesday into thursday. notice our overnight lows on the chilly side. dropping down to freezing come thursday into friday. a mild day 64 in the afternoon. we'll talk more about the winds when we expect them to strike. >> thank you, rosemary. the chaos in cairo continues. tourist scramble to get out. former mayor gavin newsom fought hard to keep the san franciscos -- to keep the 49ers in san francisco. and now what the new mayor says about the team moving. if you are driving in san
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rafael southbound 101 traffic looks good heading down to the 580 interchange. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. [ female announcer why settle for plain bread
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try them tonight. welcome back to the morning news. it's 12 minutes after 5:00. we are hearing reports of growing chaoses at the airport in cairo, egypt as thousands of tourist try to get out of the state. we have reaction from one more
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than couple that was able to leave. >> reporter: good morning, to you. the message from the state department is help is on the way. right now it's after 3:00. protestors demanding change are flooding the state in cairo. the state department is rushing to get stranded americans out of the country. the first charter flight evacuating americans was scheduled to land in cypris but it has been delayed. it will take several flights to evacuate thousands of americans that want to leave. one stranded chicago couple that managed to escape described the obstacle course they went through to get to the airport. >> it took us an hour to get to our hotel which was only a mile away to the airport. once you got to the airport it was utter chaos. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary asked the president to step down.
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calling for an orderly transition of business. it will be a hot topic when u.s. ambassadors convene today. >> the egyptian military is blocking tourist access to the pyramids. that is after luters attacked the countries national museum and destroyed several ancient mummies. the bay area is home to thousands of people from egypt that are closely following the political turmoil in their homeland. many of the 600 members are either from egypt or have family in that country. they say egyptians are frustrated by a lack of community from employment even with education. >> i came here because there is no future back there. >> hayward members of the st.
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tony church included a prayer for egypt in their sunday morning service. they worry if there is a regime change in egypt what that may mean for the christian minority. >> as carroll hewn was mentioning hillary clinton is convening an unprecedented meeting in washington, d.c. today. top envoys in more than 180 countries will gather at the state department. the meting was called to discuss u.s. foreign policy for the year. officials say this global conference is a first of its kind. 25 people are out of jail this morning. that is after being arrested in southern california for trespassing at a seminar for conservative political donors. the 25 people were arrested after they crossed the street to resort near palm springs. now each year billionaire
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brothers invite about 200 wealthy conservative political activist to their event. the brothers have been criticized because of their funding the fight of global warming laws and the large amounts of money they have been given to conserve tiff causes. mayor ed lee tells the chronicle he is determined to stop the niners from moving to santa clara. he hopes to forge a personal relationship with the owner and will convince to move into a new stadium in san francisco. >> i want to go back over to sal. check in on any problems. how are things looking? >> it's looking pretty good pam and dave -- i mean pam and craig this morning. highway 4 looks pretty good. on this monday if you want to get out there and not deal with the traffic right now is your
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time. also this morning we are looking at interstate 880 and pretty much from hayward all the way up to oakland it is a nice drive. and also the other way around. san mateo and dumbarton looks good. 5:16 here is rosemary. yes, we are mostly clear and calm and cold this morning. make sure you bundle up. by tomorrow we have high pressure building over the areas of the west coast and a surface high building over the great basin. really going to kick up our winds. the bay area hills expected to see gust 40s to 550 miles an hour. this could change a little bit between now and then. for today with will be with light winds. we will be with a few clouds by the morning hours. by this afternoon we are looking pretty good. starting in the mid 30s. low 40s by the bay. noontime numbers 50 50 and 55.
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near 50 to 60 degrees. off to the rest of the workweek here we have a great looking workweek. it will be dry and mild even a little bit above average by tomorrow and into wednesday. we will leave in that possibility of breezy conditions by tuesday afternoon lasting through wednesday morning. and then come thursday notice how chilly we are when we start the day. the afternoon highs look pretty good. all the way into friday 64 in the afternoon. the unrest in egypt is sending global stock markets down and oil up. oil rised to $90 a gallon. there are also concerns that protests could spread tomorrow other ayr rib nations or stop and slow rude oil production.
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as you can see they were all down. the dow off 166 points and starts today at 11, 823. early this morning honda reported a huge drop in its quarterly profit. honda made $989 million. that is a 40% drop from the year before. quarterly sales slipped nearly 6%. a strong yen hurt its sales overseas. u.s. factories have lost $8 million in the last 30 years. american manufacturing remains number one according to a new united nations report. they produced 40% more than china. the u.s. has stayed on top proving efficiency. u.s. companies has focused on complex and specialized
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products. cutting products like consumer electronics and toys that have thin profit margins. could san francisco's police department be facing a lawsuit? the cell phone video that a lawyer says could be used as key evidence. wave goodbye to the food per-- pyramid. we will tell you what should be and should not be on your plate. another update straight ahead.
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welcome back on this-month- old. it will be dry and mild. starting out partly cloudy and mostly sunny. wide spread upper 50s you can see. 61-degrees in santa rosa. craig. another massive snowstorm is expected to hit the middle of the country and hit the east coast this week. that storm is the latest in a series of harsh weather that has hit since the holidays. it could be felt by 100 million people. snow, sleet, and freezing rain is predicted by tomorrow with snowfall topping two feet. a proposal to arm san francisco police officers where tasers will be back on the police commission desk next month. the cities interim police chief wants to revisit the issue especial lin in the wake of the
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three recent officer involved shootings. most major police departments use tasers. san francisco, detroit, and memphis are among those that do not. a man in a wheelchair that was shot by san francisco police may be preparing a brutality lawsuit against the city. randall dunkin has hired a lawyer. police say they opened fire on randall because they stabbed an officer with a knife. donate blood? win free movie tickets for a year. the red cross will hold weekly drawings. blood donors must be in good health and 17 years old. according to the red cross january is one of the slowest months for donations. today the federal government is releasing its latest guidelines for nutrition. this year there is a different look. people that have seen a new preview says this time they are
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focusing on strategies to reduce obesity and related diseases. one that is drawing special attention is sodium. nearly half of all americans are being told to cut down to half a teaspoon. >> now we are saying let's decrease the sodium. so what we will probably find are products made with less salt. >> now the guidelines were last changed in 2005. that is when product makers were required to list transfats on food labels. something many people have not heard of before. a scottish man has quite a story to tell after surviving a 1,000-foot fall aft mountains. rescuers found adam potter he was standing up and reading a map. the 35-year-old was with several other climbers when 44 lost his footing and fell down the vertical eastern face of a
5:26 am
mountain. >> i was in a position so i could see what was coming. that's when i felt was dread. >> rescuers say when they found potter he was shaking from extreme emotional thoughts. but he had only cuts and bruises. and a minor injury from his chest. and a deadly double shooting in the heart of fisherman's wharf. how police are describing the investigation this morning. many sports fans are on edge waiting the big announcement from uc berkeley. on the way to the tunnel traffic is moving well. another update on the traffic and weather straight ahead. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose. chase what matters. just four more times. ♪ welcome back to ktvu morning news i'm kraig debro. dave clark has the time off. >> i'm pam cook. rosemary is in for steve paulson. how is the weather? >> it's cold. if you are out make sure you bring your jacket. bundle up the kids. it will be dry today. partly cloudy skies and then mostly sunny with haze in the afternoon. very chilly. we are colder by the afternoon. we will be warmer by some hitting 60-degree. we have winds to talk about as
5:30 am
welcoming up. now traffic is moving along pretty well on highway 4 westbound as you come up to the grade. you can tell it is getting more crowded by the minute. this is the time when things get more crowded here. also this morning we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. so far so good. let's go back to the desk. two people republican dead and one person is in custody at a fisherman's wharf souvenir shop. jade hernandez is live with what police are saying about a motive. jade. >> reporter: right now there is no clear motive. san francisco police arrested one man in this double shooting. police could not give any details about how that man was arrested. we do know the two people shot and killed work inside this store behind me. we can show you what this place looked like last night. police swarmed the store as they investigated what happened
5:31 am
inside. the shooting happened at the shop late last night just before 8:30. we don't know ifs store was open when the suspect opened fire. we can tell you this small store is located at 269 jefferson street in the heart of fisherman's wharf. two store employees were shot dead. san francisco police arrested one man in connection with the shooting. >> we don't know much about the motive in this particular crime. it's something that doesn't normally happen around here. it's a huge tragedy for the city. >> reporter: lieutenant dangerfield told us the motive is unclear. he did say police are not looking for nyssas pecks. nyssas-- for any suspects. there is no store front on the souvenir shop this is next door to joe's crab shack and the pearl factory. it was a souvenir shop and police say this morning they don't believe that the store
5:32 am
will be open today. reporting live jade hernandez. the suspect in a gruesome crime in san francisco is due in court to face murder and arson charges. almond johnson is accused of strangling the mother of his baby. police say the woman's body in the car was burned beyond recognition. a judge had delayed johnson's arraignment until today so he could under go a mental health evaluation. students at the high school will get sad news when they return to class this morning. debra schmitt was found dead saturday morning in a creek not far from her home. the 53-year-old woman had been missing for ten days. investigators say there have no sign of foul play. the coroner is investigating the exact cause of her death. the autopsy results won't be available for several weeks. veterans in the south bay are working to raise money to repair a vanned lized memorial.
5:33 am
it has been boarded up since last year when vandals smashed the panels. the city is about $31,000 short. next month they plan to cover the boards in vinyl featuring images of veterans until the memorial can be fixed. sanitary officials are ruling out eco terrorism for a sewage spill. they previously reported that sabotage lead to the spill but an ongoing investigation reveals a sewage pipe near the spill was crushed in two spots. the district is refusing to pay the contractor that did the work. the epa will make a decision on whether criminal activity played a role. it's deadline day at the university of berkeley. they will decide today whether or not to reinstate baseball and other programs scheduled for elimination this summer.
5:34 am
they have raised $15 million in pledges. that may not be enough. >> they have a commitment for $25 million. >> they will go for a significant amount of money to the chancellor. in hopes of good faith demonstrating we are moving the needle in the direction of the numbers to get reinstatement into the athletic department. >> mens and womens gymnastics, rug by, and womens lacrosse will be cut. 5:34. sal is here. cal man as well. taking a look at the toll plaza as well as 880. >> where is sal? >> i haven't had my coffee yet. here i am. traffic is moving along realtively well. we don't have any accidents although we are seeing a little bit of a backup at the toll
5:35 am
plaza here in the left lanes. nothing major. no major problems coming up into the city. also this morning 880 north and southbound looking pretty good here. we don't have any fog. the last few days we had fog there. but today it's actually pretty good visibility. on the peninsula traffic looks good. if you are driving down to the south bay, northbound 101 traffic looking pretty good. no problems on coopertino. we are dealing with a little bit of haze and fog. we are dealing with very cold temps. they will stun you as we get out this morning. 36 degrees in fairfield. some our north and east bay valleys dealing with fog. santa rosa visibility down to a mile. take it easy out there. san francisco and oakland and 42 in areas right around hayward. so we have high pressure back in place for the week ahead.
5:36 am
that will keep us dry. the lingering moisture from yesterday's storm bringing us fog. if you are traveling to the -- we will experience it here at least through the morning hours. afternoon haze mostly sunny skies. we will see the offshore winds kick up on tuesday. and some of our hills will see very windy conditions. your five-day forecast. temperatures off to a chilly start. bouncing back for the afternoon. seasonal afternoon highs. upper radios and some low 60s -- upper 50s and some low 60s out there. our morning temperatures chill quite a bit with the mostly clear skies. sitting in the 30s throughout. 32-degrees forecasted for thursday. >> thank you. egypt's capitol has shown signs of regularity today like trash pickup.
5:37 am
a coalition of opposition groups call for a million people to take to cairo streets tomorrow. nicole collins is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. there san increase police presence on the streets of egypt this morning as many protestors are talking about a one million man march to be held tomorrow to mark one week of protest. helicopters hovered over cairos square monday morning. antigovernment protest continued for a seventh day. monday low flying egyptian s-16 fighter jets did nothing to stop demonstrators. >> we will not be -- >> reporter: he made changes to structure of his government but has given nonindication he will give up the power he has held for 30 years.
5:38 am
protest continue. some americans find themselves trapped. >> you cannot get away by water. you cannot take public transportation because it's been deemed unsafe. and you cannot fly. >> reporter: today the u.s. begins voluntary evacuations providing charter flights out of egypt for u.s. citizens. >> they will be ongoing until we are able to get out the commercial airlines. >> reporter: with significant influence in egypt u.s. officials are watching closely. >> what happens is truly up to the egyptian people and what the united states is doing is sending a very clear message. we wish to see everyone refrain from violence. >> reporter: 2400 americans in egypt have asked to berow moved in the country on the u.s. provided charter flights. reporting live from washington i'm nicole collins. back to you guys.
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san francisco's animal control office may soon have something in common with most of americas big sports stadium. plus california man at the center of a plot to blow up one of the nations largest mosques. how police were able to catch him. northbound 101 san francisco looking pretty good. the road work has not been there today. it should be a pleasant drive into the downtown area. we will tell you more straight ahead.
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good morning, to you. a look at the morning temperatures for you. sitting in the 30s. santa rosa at 30. for those of us sitting in the 30s chances are you reached that dew point. you can expect haze and fog outside of your door. here a quick look at the
5:42 am
top stories we following for you right now. the usgs reports anet quake measuring 3.0 hit the east bay. it follows a swarm of small quakes in the danville area yesterday. governor jerry brown is expected to focus on the states fiscal crisis in the state of the state address. you can watch brown's speech tonight. the mother of 4-year-old juliani cardenas. the car of the two were riding in was pulled from the canal on friday. the fbi says the southern california man was plotting to blow up one of the nation's largest mosques. 63-year-old roger stockhand was arrested last monday. authorities say he had a large
5:43 am
amount of fire works in his car. someone called police the night before after they overheard stockhand making threats against muslims. >> you are supposed to respect the other. it's unbelievable. >> investigators believe stockhand was acting alone. they say he has a long history of antigovernment activities. in washington state new concerns about prison safety are being raised after a corrections officer was found strangled to death. 34-year-old jamie was choked with a microphone cord. he lead religious programs at the prison and raised concerns about being the only guard on duty in the chapel. a fisherman has been bitten by a shark off the gulf of
5:44 am
mexico. navy sailors gave the boats captain first aid instructions until they could send a helicopter. no word on what type of shark it was. in southern japan more than a thousand are heading to safer ground today. as a volcano continues to spew ash and smoke. it erupted for the first time in 52 years. no one was hurt. people are asked to go to evacuation centers because of the dangerous debris. the family of a former presidential aid is offering a $25,000 reward for information in his mysterious death. john wheeler the third was last seen -- surveillance video shows him in a parking lot. san francisco's animal control office may follow the lead of many sports stadiums it's considering adding corporate sponsors to raise
5:45 am
money. the animal control offices among the many city agencies dealing with a big budget crisis. it may now put corporate names on the city vehicles that respond to the estimated 35 animals every day. we will go back over to sal for a look at the toll plaza again. there he is. >> all right craig and pam traffic is doing well. no major problems on 880 north and southbound. the traffic is looking good if you are driving out to 580 as well. until major problem -- no major problems here. if you are driving to the toll plaza the commute looks pretty nice getting into san francisco. this is a time when it starts to change. you will see more and more people. this is about the hour if you don't like slow traffic you should leave the house realtively soon. in san francisco northbound 101 traffic looking good coming up to the 80 split. that traffic is fine so far. and if you are trying to get a
5:46 am
flight at the airport southbound 101 looks good. let's go to rosemary. yes, we looking at a dry day. we have fog around napa and santa rosa visibility down to half a mile. you will find it on the east side of the bay area. we have 49 degrees. a chilly start out there this morning. you may need a thicker jacket. 53 by noontime. 59 degrees in the afternoon with mostly sunny skies and a little bit of haze out there. wide spread upper 50s. 59 expected in hayward. upper 60s for san rafael. 56 degrees expected pacifica. morgan hill going to be nice mild day. 60s in your forecast. 61 expected for los gatos for the afternoon.
5:47 am
59 degrees expected for half- moon bay. that should be about it for today. tomorrow through the afternoon and evening hours is when we do expect a bit of a switch and breezy conditions especially through the hills is is what we are expecting for that time frame. afternoon highs continuing to climb. we have a dry spell in store for the week ahead. low 60s all the way through friday. meanwhile our morning temperatures quite chilly sitting in the 30s. pam. just a few minutes ago the commerce department released two reports on the state of americans wallets. the government reports consumer spending was up seven tenths of a percent. the december increase marks the sixth consecutive month that spending has risen. that is important because consumer spending accounts for 70% of all economic activity. a very nice economic indicator. the other report out this morning personal income also up in december. it was just about what was forecasted. that is encouraging news.
5:48 am
it's giving more confidence to spend again. the spending increase was double in the jump in income. now looking at the premarkets to see how these new reporting are selected at the opening bell. the average rate is just about 15% or a little less than that. people with bad credit are paying nearly 60% interest. that is because the credit reform act cracked down on fees because it didn't put an interest rates on new cards. credit card companies are starting out with high rates. there will be a vigil in the east bay for somebody that has been missing for more than two decades. it has been 22 years since young ilene vanished. family and friends will hold a vigil. the jc dugard case has given
5:49 am
the family new hope . a young fresno woman has found her long lost father. kelly christianson came to the city this weekend. early yesterday she found him in the cities mission district. marty christianson left his family 20 years ago while battling a serious drinking problem. he thought they would never see him again. his daughters trip to san francisco has proven him wrong. >> that's amazing. good story. a bill in the state senate aims to protect workers from using an illegal drug. weed in the workplace. why a state senator wants to stop employers from firing workers who use marijuana. and why the industry that makes plastic bags is threatening to sue daily city.
5:50 am
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5:52 am
welcome back to the morning news. propodus -- state senator mark leno proposed the bill. it does exempt employees such as doctors, nurses, school bus drivers, and heavy equipment operators.
5:53 am
leno introduced a bill in 2007. another place in the bay area could join the growing ranks of cities that have banned plastic grocery bags. now the plan is to pro-- the ordnance is planned two weeks banning plastic backs at super markets. the measure would also force shoppers to pay at least 10 cents for a paper grocery bag. plastics industry group says they will file a lawsuit to block a regulation. the rain we had during the weekend put an end to the january dry spell. they say with more snow in the sierra and more rain here, this could be a year we don't have to worry about a drought. we would need average rains during february, march u and -- march and april for that to happen. the kings speech reigned supreme at the actors guild
5:54 am
award. natalee portman won for best actress. and modern family won for best comedy series. all right 5:53 is the time right now. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. sal. >> all right pam and craig traffic is moving along realtively well. you are driving around the bay area you can look at northbound 280 on this monday. we don't have a lot going on right through downtown san jose. hopefully it will stay this way. for the last few days we have shad kind of a tough one coming out of the san jose downtown area and get into the valley. 680 southbound that traffic looks good heading past mission and driving all the way to 680. westbound bay bridge already beginning to see a little bit of a backup. it's not even 6:00 yet.
5:55 am
when they switch the metering lights on we predict it will be heavy. and get into the -- no major problems here. here on 680 coming down from san ramon it looks pretty good. hayward and union city that traffic moves well. looking a the the san mateo and dumbarton bridge no accidents or stalls reported there. let's go back to the bridge. fairfield police say they had to use a police dog to arrest a seven-year-old car suspect. it started in fairfield after a car chase involving the suspect when the car crashed into a fence and the driver fled on foot. the canine unit spotted the spect hiding in the dog house. the suspect was treated for bites before being booked into juvenile hall. a san leandro man says he
5:56 am
has come up with away to use the internet to help with crime. it helps people log the license plate number for people think the car is suspicious. they are urging people to report any suspicious behaviors to authorities before recording it on the internet. so far the site has attracted about 550 people. some customers at a marin county bank have been victimized by an atm skimming scheme. they confirm that a skimming device was found attached to the atm at the branch. the device siphoned money out of customers accounts but did not say how many was effected. the customers that were victimized will have that money put back into their account. violence at a popular tour rest attraction why they say they are not surprised by this homicide. and now governor brown's
5:57 am
plan to save money includes a large picnic table. while we slapped our temperatures tanked. dark start out there. mostly clear skies. a little bit of a haze and fog.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, i'm jade hernandez. a dangerous double shooting. the details ahead. charter planes are scramming to fly thousands of americans out of egypt. the rescue effort is not expected to be easy. the morning news continues. and good morning, it's monday, january 31st i'm kraig debro in for dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. we want to start with rosemary. she is arenous meteorologist for mornings on 2 weekend edition. >> yes good morning to you. if you are getting outside early this morning. i would say it's cold enough to grab the mittens and a hat. santa rosa 34-degree ifs. livermore checking in at 36 as well. areas sitting with the 30s reporting fog. oakl


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